Dr Kim Highlights

Born 7 January 1968, Republic of Korea
Medical Doctor, Chonbuk National University Medical School 1992
Masters Degree in Medicine, Chonbuk National University 1995
Board of Urology Certified 1997
Department of Urology Head, Namwon Provincial Hospital 1997-2000
Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine PhD 2002
Professor Sava Perovic MD PhD trained from 2003 as Urogenital Reconstructive Surgeon Specializing in FtM & MtF GRS
Visiting Professor of Urology Department, University of Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia) May 2003-May 2004


Approximate Statistics as of 3rd Quarter 2011

Penile Girth Enhancement Surgery: more than 4,000 cases
Female to Male Phalloplasty: 41
FtM Metoidioplasty: 56
FtM Mastectomy: 150+
FtM Hysterectomy: 150
Male to Female SRS: 24
Urethral and Scrotal Flap Method (modified Perovic method): 48


Dr Kim with Professor Dr Sava Perovic
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Dr Kim at National Academic Conference of India Medical Association
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KUA – Korean Urology Associations
EAU – European Association of Urology
WPATH – World Professional Association for Transgender Health
AAPS - American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons