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You have probably seen plenty of photos of a large penis with a small glans that did not seem to be the appropriate natural size.

Glans enlargement

Dr Kim can enlarge both penile glans and shaft to achieve a much more natural look.

Glans enhancement is achieved by sub-glandular implantation of acellular dermal matrix of allogenic origin (MegaDerm).

Only glans penis enhancement (this is REAL penis enlargement) costs US$2,400 net (surgical fee and MegaDerm cost, done under local anesthesia).

With the MegaDerm surgery, it is reasonable and realistic to expect a 20% increase in the size of your glans. That is twenty percentnot 200%.

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Glans enlargement can substantially improve overall appearance when getting other penis enlargement procedures.

Glans enhancement by subglandular implantation of acellular dermal matrix of allogenic origin (Megaderm) top, side, bottom views

Gains from glans enhancement by HA injection can be expected to last 1-2 years. It requires two weeks of recovery.

The patient must abstain from bathing, swimming and saunas for two months after surgery.

MegaDerm Glans Enhancement Post-Op

Patients are advised to stay in Seoul at least three days after treatment so the surgeon can give you regular and close aftercare. Standard period of recovery in Seoul recommended by Dr Kim for patients after glans enhancement is TWO WEEKS.

All patients can directly communicate with Dr Kim after surgery with any questions they may have.

During erections, you may feel your glandular erection is less than before. That is temporary during the healing process, not permanent. Healing takes time. Have patience.

It will take until approximately six months after surgery for transient fibrotic tissue reactions between the tips of the corporeal body tunica albuginea and Buck's fascia layer of the glans bottom to normalize.

'Stitch removal' date is usually two weeks after having surgery. The stitches are 'absorbable' (self-degradable). You should not need to remove them manually yourself.

If you find some stitches are persistent, cut the knots with nail clippers and the stitches will be unlocked. Remove any visible remnants at that time.

Pain is the best indicator of your healing process.

You can masturbate when there is no pain during full erection.

You can have sexual intercourse when no pain results from masturbation — usually 4 ~ 6 weeks after surgery.

During the healing process, the MegaDerm implant under the glans can migrate proximally (to the root of penis). You must regularly check that.

If necessary, return the MegaDerm band to the glans tip by massage or very light pressure using your finger.

Risks, Success Rate, Satisfaction Rate

Common undesirable side effects are hardness, pain and minimal satisfaction long term.

When talking about glans enhancement by allograft implantation using open surgery, it is important to separate satisfaction rate and success rate although they impact on each other and relate to each other.

Dr Kim enjoys a 100% success rate among his glans enhancement patients and a 100% satisfaction rate is reported by patients from overseas, including both young and old men.

But the surgical procedure is complicated and uncomfortable and patients should stay in Seoul for two weeks until removal of all stitches.

The primary risk of glans enhancement by allograft implantation using open surgery is glans necrosis.

It is very rare. It has never happened to any of Dr Kim's patients. But it has happened to patients of other doctors.

All those are contributing reasons causing Dr. Kim to offer but refrain from recommending or promoting glans enhancement by allograft implantation using open surgery. He no longer considers it the best option.

Belladerm is an allograft competitor of MegaDerm.

Dr Kim considers it an inferior product.

He does not use it.

Glans Enlargement Using Hyaluronic Acid is BEST!

In the last quarter of 2015, Dr Kim's top recommendation for glans enhancement is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) by injection.

Dr Kim can RECOMMENDS HA for glans enhancement instead of MegaDerm allografts.

He advises AGAINST PMMA, AGAINST LIPEN 10, LIPEN D, LIPEN P and AGAINST MEGAFILL for glans enhancement.

  • Glans Enhancement with 3 ml of HA: US$1500
  • Glans Enhancement with 6 ml of HA: US$2500