Ligamentolysis vs “Real Penile Lengthening”

The only safe penis lengthening surgical procedure for healthy men who can have normal erections for a satisfactory amount of time is ligamentolysis. If you have plenty of patience, send us an email message asking about our excellent non-surgical solution.

If simple, effective penis lengthening were possible, every guy in America would be a foot long.

Michael O'Leary, MDHarvard Medical School

Penis lengthening by Dr Kim Jin Hong

Normal, healthy men CAN SAFELY increase their erect penis length about:

  • 316 of an inch — about 5 mm
  • maybe only 216 of an inch
  • and NOT more than a maximum of 38 of an inch.

The average erect penis length increase is about ONE QUARTER of ONE INCH (¼ inch).

Anybody offering to increase penis length by INCHES is scamming you. By that we mean it is simply not true, or the technique is high risk so a bad idea.

Normal men CANNOT greatly increase the length of their penis safely.

Normal men CAN increase their flaccid (limp) penis length up to a maximum of not more than 1¾ inches.

Some normal men can increase their limp penis length LESS than one inch — only 1316 of an inch.

The average limp penis length increase normal men can safely get is about 138 inches.

Penis length increase when HARD does NOT equal length increase when LIMP.

Penile lengthening using ligamentolysis is safe if the surgeon is very experienced, very well trained and very skilled.

A cavalier or inexperienced doctor CAN screw it up.

Badly done ligamentolysis can MAKE YOU SHORTER!

A poorly done ligamentolysis might NOT make you longer — a waste of money — no increase in length.

Dr Kim can perform the procedure properly to get maximum possible gains within the ranges mentioned above.

He explains how the length gain is preserved:

Pedicled fatty tissue flap interposition at the space between separated penile roots and inferior pubic arch is the golden standard for preventing reattachment and narrowing of space.

Silicone implants interposition is contra-indicated after decades of experiences by other surgeons. They don't do it anymore. Because silicone implants can produce capsular fibrosis and contracture around their surfaces.

Dr Kim discounts 30% off the cost of lengthening done when it is done at the same time as other medical procedures — US$1200.

ONLY lengthening costs US$1800.

Dr Kim considers lengthening primarily an aesthetic procedure and only a moderate value for money, not the best value for money.

He often encourages patients to consider switching their budget for lengthening toward purchasing greater amounts of injectable girth enhancement material such as MegaFill or “Cutegel ULTRA” — or save the money for additional girth enhancement in the future. Because girth enhancement by injection is REPEATABLE.

… the majority of women (90%) say that penis circumference is more important for pleasure than penis length.

Russell Eisenman“Penis size: Survey of female perceptions of sexual satisfaction”
BMC (BioMed Central) Women’s Health

A study by Cooper, Fenigstein & Fauber found about 53 to 67 percent of women fake orgasms.

Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Female documented that the majority of women do not orgasm through penile-vaginal intercourse alone. On the contrary, women are most likely to experience orgasm if their clitoris is stimulated.

You CANNOT safely make your erect penis substantially longer. They keyword is SAFELY.

You CAN tremendously increase your total penile volume. That means ENLARGE not substantially lengthen.

Increasing penis size (volume) does increase penis length indirectly because of the gravitational effect of the increased volume and weight.

But that is a tiny gift, a side-effect, an unpredictable benefit. Penis length will increase SOME but not drastically.

Dr Kim warns that Z-plasty results in visible scarring (3x3x3 cm) and scar contraction and keloid scar tissue development. He encourages patients to decide against penile lengthening.

Surgery takes about one hours. Recommended recovery time in Seoul is five days. If a patient is getting girth enhancement, then recovery time should be seven days in Seoul.

If you are 35 or younger, ask us about HGH Therapy for permanent, safe lengthening in BOTH flaccid AND erect states.

Dr Kim says:

Surgical penile lengthening is not a good choice.

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