Bioengineering Frequently Asked Questions 2

Can I enjoy Seoul’s famous nightlife after I enlarge my penis with MegaFill (MF)?

Do NOT drink any alcohol after any treatment by Dr Kim in Seoul. Come early and party first, not after.

Drinking alcohol is BANNED and FORBIDDEN after any type of medical treatment or surgery.

It is a violation of a rule of nature. It's like drinking poison.


Can I take a bath after getting the injections?

Men getting girth enhancement by injection or surgery should take only showers, no baths, until all wounds have healed. No soaking in any type of water. Dr Kim says: Soaking in water will cause problems. Take showers at least two times per day.

My penis is still swollen a couple days after MF injections. What should I do?

Dr Kim suggests: Use ice cubes in a large plastic bag surrounding the entire length and circumference of the penis and glans. Edema is not a serious problem. It is a natural process of the human body. The MegaFill cannot migrate anywhere so no need worry. Everything will improve every day. And remember to take your medicine you received in Seoul.

Why does the circumcision hurt which I got because MegaFill had made my penis so enormous that I could not retract my foreskin?

More than a few uncircumcised men who tremendously increase their penis size (such as 63-77 ml) need to get at least a moderate circumcision. Dr Kim says: Pain is the nature of the healing process. Don't expect nature to treat you special.

After I got home my wife insisted we have sex and now my penis is smaller than in Seoul. What happened?

It depends on how soon after treatment you started having sex. You must faithfully keep the micronized allogenic dermal tissue scaffold in the correct place (where Dr Kim puts it) for at least 90 days. The guaranteed way to screw up your size gains is go home and immediately start screwing. During the period of tissue creation using the scaffold provided by the MF, the patient must diligently prevent it from being moved toward the pubic area.

If you allow the scaffold to be moved by sex to behind the pubic bone, then that is where the tissue engineering will occur instead of around the penile shaft.

You must strictly follow the doctor's guidance about diligently, habitually, maintaining the result he gives you. That means keeping the scaffold where you want the new tissue created.

Why was Dr Kim so kind to give me substantially more penis volume enlargement than the 35 ml of MF I bought?

What may be confusing is that immediately after treatment, the size gain is double the amount of micronized allogenic dermal tissue you bought because the injections are a complex formula that includes water. micronized allogenic dermal tissue is granular like sand and you cannot inject sand.

Within a couple of days after treatment, most of the fluids injected will have been absorbed.

You only get what you buy. There are no extra, free, unexplainable, mysterious gains above what you purchase. But for the first 90 days you get some temporary gains from serous fluids. That is a reaction to treatment, not permanent size gain.

Temporary gains provided by fluids are not yours to keep. You cannot get permanent gains greater than the amount of MegaFill injected, only equal to it. But it will take 90 days for all fluids to be absorbed, leaving only the gains you actually bought.

How much of the micronized allograft do I need to increase my girth 1-2 cm? Please quote the exact cost.

You want much more size increase than can be safely achieved from one trip to Seoul. The upper limit depends on your current size but will probably not exceed 70-90 ml.

You cannot get more than 70-90 ml of enlargement each trip to Seoul but you can get less. It depends on your budget. No accurate quote is needed. It's totally up to you. Only the upper limit is imposed by the doctor for the safety of the patient and to ensure a good quality result.

There are no discounts for injections because the vast majority of the cost is for the filler material from the manufacturer. The doctor's fee is the same for 21 or 90 ml of MegaFill.
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