Micronized Allograft Frequently Asked Questions 3

How much bigger will 70 ml of MegaFill make my penis?

We understand that it can be hard to visualize in advance the size gains you will get.

The girth increase from that volume of filler will VARY depending on the LENGTH of the penis.

That much MegaFill (MF) in a cylindrical shape would be 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in diameter (wide) and 3 inches (7.62 cm) tall (long).

A 35 ml cylinder of MF would be 1.5” inches (3.81 cm) wide and 1.5 inches tall.

The micronized allogenic dermal tissue must be distributed evenly along the penile shaft. But theoretically, if you could put 70 ml of MF at the tip of your penis, it would make it three inches longer.

Don't get confused. That CANNOT be done! It is only an example to help you comprehend the amount of penis enlargement (PE).

In reality, a micronized allograft can only be distributed down and around the shaft — but not along the bottom where the urethra is located.

Can the biologic scaffold increase the length of my penis?

If you substantially increase the volume of your penis, the weight will also increase proportionally. More weight means more gravitational pull. Gravity will make your penis slightly longer.

What are the total costs without a broker or agent?

Costs are always as published on the web site. Cost is based on ML. There are no other charges.

It's exactly the same a buying a house or apartment. Cost is directly related to size. More cubic feet means more investment.

If you have the budget, you can get the size you want. If the budget is limited, compromises must be made.

Prices are always a flat-fee package price that includes everything medically related.

How much biologic origin scaffold does Dr Kim recommend?

He makes no recommendation. There is only the amount of volume gain the patient wants — and can afford.

The homologous scaffold must be evenly and smoothly distributed throughout the penile shaft like a film. That can make the overall size increase difficult to detect visually unless the amount is substantial.

It takes less volume to increase the circumference of a 4" penis than a 9" penis.

The amount of micronized allogenic dermal tissue needed is the volume difference between current penile dimensions and your goals.

For patients who have the finances to maximize gain, factors such as penis length, amount of redundant skin, skin elasticity, foreskin or no foreskin, and how much foreskin (if he has one) become important factors.

When can I return to Seoul to increase my penis size again?

You can get treatment every 180 days (six months).

Does penis enlargement using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) feel the same as MegaFill?

The size gain by HA is softer than the tissue created by using a MF scaffold. HA is a filler and a bulking agent. It does NOT result in the creation of new tissue.

Study our article about Hyaluronic Acid Phalloplasty using to understand the advantages and disadvantages of “Cutegel ULTRA” compared with a homologous scaffold.

What is Dr Kim’s current recommendation for penis enlargement?

The doctor's current top recommendation is MegaFill.

He no longer recommends surgery.

He no longer recommends the PLGA scaffolds he pioneered a decade ago.

Cutegel ULTRA HA is a good second choice for penis enlargement if you don't like micronized allogenic dermal tissue. After five years you can keep 50% or more of the original injected volume of Cutegel ULTRA.

Why won’t you respond to my messages?

Maybe we have. We try to respond to messages immediately upon receiving them but often there is a backlog because of overhwhelming inquiries. We don’t work on weekends and holidays.

If you are using a free email service such as: Yahoo, Mail.RU, Mail.BG, AOL or Hotmail they are very likely censoring your mail from us on urogenital topics.

Gmail is the best free email service in terms of no censorship.

Before you write to us for the first time, we recommend you white list (Friend) our domain and email addresses to improve the chances our detailed response to your inquiry will arrive in your mailbox.

Otherwise, it is highly likely your free email service will put our messages in your trash, bulk, spam, promotion or other folder — or maybe not deliver our messages to you at all.

Except Gmail, free email services dislike both links in messages and correspondence about genitalia. Gmail still often sends our messages to the Promotion folder.

We feel no obligation to respond to a message that:

  • is rude, vulgar, uncivilized, disrespectful, abusive, nonsensical; or
  • seems to come from a crackpot, pretender, person high on drugs or alcohol; or
  • asks a very basic question already clearly and extensively answered on the web site.
    (Note: addiction or drug use does not automatically disqualify a person from treatment).

Patients have the right to choose their physician and doctors have the right to choose their patients.

People of which nationality seem most obsessed with penis size? Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, USA?

Dr Kim says: “South Korea!”
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