MegaFill Frequently Asked Questions 1

What is the maximum amount I can increase my penis size?

Maximum recommended amount varies from person to person based on the medical opinion of Dr Kim regarding safety and good quality of result. True maximum is unlikely to be achieved with one visit to Seoul. Because the safe limit tends to be not more 70 ml during one trip for men with average size penis. If you want to increase your penile volume more than that, you will probably need additional penis enlargement (PE) six months later. The gains are cumulative.

Penis enlargement before and after photos

How many times can I get penis enlargement?

Some men are on their fourth trip. The gains are cumulative, meaning plus, plus, plus, plus …

Can Dr Kim use MegaFill on deep fissures in my face?

MegaFill (MF) is used for vaginal rejuvenation but is not used on other parts of the body because it can be challenging to control the final shape. Increasing volume of the cheeks is more commonly done using hyaluronic acid (HA).

Do you suppress erections with drugs after penis enlargement surgery using MF?

Penis enlargement before and after photos

No. Erections are good after treatment but masturbation and sex should be delayed for awhile as explained in our articles about enlargement by injection.

Will I be out of commission and unable to have sex for a long time after MF injections?

No. With injections, you heal swiftly and you recover fast if you give your body average consideration and care. The human body does heals well.

Recovery tends to be smooth and uneventful. The main issue is attentive care of the result by the patient.

Like any natural growth process, tissue engineering requires an appropriate environment. There is a degree of flexibility but nature has limits on how much abuse it can endure before it begins to suffer.

Patient responsibility for the result is vital. That is the primary variable and factor.

How long will I have an IV in my arm during and after MF injections?

No time at all. Antibiotics and pain relief are part of the liquid mixture in which the MF is suspended for injection.

Do I need to bring medicine from my home country?

The doctor prescribes appropriate meds for each patient. No need to bring any.

What is the risk of infection after getting penis enlargement using MF?

You only get a few injections. Unless a person has bad hygiene, why would the needle punctures get infected? It is very unlikely. No patient has informed us of having any problems with infection. MegaFill injections should not be confused with surgery.

How long do I have do pumping exercises after MegaFill surgery?

There is no surgery, no cutting, no incisions, no pumping, no need to stop erections, and extremely little chance of anything going wrong either serious or minor.

How much do I need? Do I need to send you any photos?

The amount is the choice of the patient (up to the medically advisable maximum). Volume is an absolute. Whatever the volume of your penis now, the total volume will increase by the amount of volume you add. We don't need any photos.

If a person with a shorter penis gets 70 ml, the increase in girth will be greater than a guy with a longer penis who also gets 70 ml because the MF must be distributed evenly over a longer length.

That's very good news for shorter guys and tough reality for guys with a longer than average penis. Longer guys must pay more than shorter guys to get the same amount of girth increase along the entire length of the shaft.

How much longer does my penis need to be to please women?

Research has revealed: "… the majority of women (90%) say that penis circumference is more important for pleasure than penis length." (see our article about Lengthening) In the real world, not the fake world of pornography, longer is NOT better. You can safely increase your penis circumference (diameter, radius, girth, volume) as much as you want.
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