Phase Two: “Well begun is half done.”
Good Post-op Physiotherapy is ESSENTIAL!!!!!!

For penis enlargement by injection, Dr Kim recommends staying 2-3 days after treatment.

Getting treatment and immediately returning home is NOT recommended.

For men getting 42 ml of MegaFill or more (as much as their penile skin and skin elasticity allow) during two injection sessions 4-7 days apart, they should stay in Seoul for at least 10 days.

Then the patient can get close medical supervision and training by Dr Kim to ensure an excellent result.

Penis Enlargement result can be preserved or ruined

The quality of the result from any advisable and good quality injectable material, such as all those used by Dr Kim, depends on the post-operative physiotherapy sculpting (massage) done by the PATIENT.

Slack, inattentive, incorrect or no massaging of the MegaFill during the weeks after injection will create an unpredictable and probably unattractive result. Because the MegaFill is in flux and can be redistributed.

Sculpting by massage (maintaining) the symmetrical, smooth, uniform, attractive, evenly distributed size enhancement Dr Kim gives you using the initially mobile and malleable materials is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PATIENT.

The doctor CANNOT do that for you.

Before you leave Seoul, Dr Kim will personally train you how to keep the excellent result during the weeks following treatment.

Your result depends totally on you massaging the MegaFill back from wherever you accidentally redistribute it to where the surgeon originally injected it.

The more times Dr Kim can supervise you doing that the more likely you will get the best possible result.

Frequent post-op examinations (free) are available as often as you want. Some men can comprehend and do proper massage after a single explanation.

WARNING: Despite lengthy and repeated explanations by the doctor in Seoul, some patients still significantly undervalue the vital importance of the six weeks of sculpting, adjustment, correction and massages after returning home to compensate for any accidental MegaFill redistribution because of inadvisable activity or practices. (Translation: masturbation and/or sexual intercourse too soon.)

Incorrect, careless, inactive, inattentive, lazy, neglectful, thoughtless, indifferent, negligent, foolhardy, unconcerned, mindless, heedless, irresponsible and infrequent penis sculpting during the extremely important six weeks after size enhancement by injection will likely produce a less than desirable final shape if you move the MegaFill but do not return it to the correct location in your penis.

Of course, later touch-ups and revisions by Dr Kim are possible. But not at the surgeon's expense. And those revisions will again STILL require diligent and careful massaging by the person who created the unsatisfactory result. The best strategy is follow the doctor's advice diligently from the start.

MegaFill penile girth enhancement by injection: before and after

Only the patient can keep the good quality result Dr Kim gives him.

At least two weeks of regular sculpting (massage) is mandatory for a good result. A patient can skew the result for up to six weeks after treatment.

Dr Kim explains:

The ground beneath us is stable but sometimes there are earthquakes. Although it is stationary the ground is not permanent. After 2-3 weeks you can have sex but patients must pay great attention to migration of the MegaFill. Massaging should be habitual, especially after sex.

It can take six months for the incorporation of your own tissue into the MegaFill to be complete.

Penis enhancement by injection is a joint project between doctor and patient. It has a Phase One and a Phase Two.

As Aristotle said: “Well begun is half done.”

Dr Kim starts the process well. But the patient must diligently perform the final half of the process for the total treatment to go well — strategic massages of 1-3 minutes. (more than that is NOT better).

MegaFill can be distorted but also corrected by patient

MegaFill has some balloon effect during healing. If you push it on one side it will bulge on the opposite. MegaFill can have uneven distribution.

I do not touch your body during the weeks of healing process. Every patient needs to have a good massage technique.

Everybody claims ‘filler has disappeared’. That is the reason why before treatment I explain about perceptual illusion. When you wear glasses for a long time, you will experience no discomfort. Or after wearing a wristwatch for a long time, you become accustomed to it.

It is ridiculous to talk about the sudden disappearance of MegaFill. Through which window? Through absorption? Through collapse? Scientifically speaking, only water could have been absorbed. And disappearance of empty space between the solid particles, cannot go from the initial 80% to 0%.

The penis is not a weight-bearing area.

If pressure is applied during healing, the MegaFill will be diffused in every direction, not collapse the structure it created in the penis.

Any patient who thinks the MegaFill is disappearing should send me photos. (promptly, not after six months)

If you return to Seoul for revision, we will use ultrasonic examination to establish the facts.

If your request is reasonable (the MegaFill is gone), I will provide free treatment.

If the request is unreasonable (you moved the MegaFill from where Dr Kim put it), you must pay.

The patient must manage even distribution of MegaFill for at least six weeks

Another important point about ‘disappearance of MegaFill’ is that after a patient resumes sexual activity — meaning piston-movement around the MegaFill — it is possible for the sex to squeeze the MegaFill causing migration of it to the proximal part of the penis. (tight vagina on a bigger penis)

I did penis enlargement for one of my brothers. He could not wait for sex for one month (had sex the same day as treatment instead of one month abstinence) so his proximal part, the hairy region, is so big and he is always complaining about ‘disappearance’ of gains in the glandular, distal part, the hairless region.

If after six weeks MegaFill has ‘disappeared’, the patient should evaluate himself about: 1) when you started having sex; and 2) whether you followed the prescribed massage therapy. Because sex too soon and not following doctor's advice are probably the cause.

When you resume having sex after treatment, it is best to squeeze the proximal part of your penis afterwards and redistribute the MegaFill from the proximal part to the distal part using a ring shape. Then ‘disappearance’ will be prevented. With enough pumping action during sex, MegaFill can be pushed behind the pubic bone in some cases.

There can be no ‘disappearance’ of MegaFill — only redistribution.

Avoid tight, constricting pants after MegaFill injections

If a patient is too vigorous during sex, for up to six weeks after treatment massaging can effectively return MegaFill back to the distal area . (immediately reversing the unwanted redistribution)

It is essential to wear loose pants (trousers) and underwear. Tight jeans and tight underwear are not acceptable. They cause long-term crushing. They cause kinking and compression.

Loose pants and loose underwear are as important as strategic massaging at appropriate times and for the appropriate amount of time.

Repeat or Redo or Touch-Up

Sex makes MegaFill migrate

Summary: Dr Kim will provide free touch-ups if the result is aesthetically displeasing because of his work, NOT if distortion by redistribution of MegaFill is self-inflicted by the patient.

Distortion or any change in penile shape is ALWAYS self-inflicted. Only the patient can redistribute MegaFill after treatment in positive or negative ways.

The doctor is responsible for Phase ONE.

His workmanship, the initial result, is photographically documented at the clinic for the permanent and official record. The patient is responsible for Phase Two.

Ultrasonic investigation produces indisputable scientific evidence, independent of both patient and doctor, whether the MegaFill is gone or was simply pushed by the patient to where it should not be.

When there is a debate about cause, effect and responsibility, the patient will be sent to a 3rd-party urologist for a sonogram to document the facts. The sonogram will cost the patient US$200. And it will simply prove the patient redistributed the MegaFill after the last visit to Dr Kim.

Filler of any type is never free. Patients always pay for filler.

Theoretically speaking, IF Dr Kim is responsible for an aesthetically unpleasing result he will charge no technical fee. He will do the revision for free. He will work for free. But the patient must still buy the needed MegaFill.

As already stated, distortion and/or redistribution of MegaFill is easily AVOIDABLE by the patient following the doctor's advice.

When a patient unintentionally redistributes MegaFill after returning home, he can very easily correct it instantly.

When a person leaves the clinic of Dr Kim, the result of the volume increase using injected MegaFill is always medically and aesthetically A+ quality. This is photographically documented and the photos are archived.

That means, the final result produced at home is always created by and the responsibility of the patient alone.