Penis Enlargement by Injection of Known or Unknown Oils & Other “Bulking Agents”

Secret, traditional, questionable, doubtful Thai penile girth enhancement or injection phalloplasty using any other dangerous, mysterious, inadvisable or illegal “bulking agents” with high rates of complications is not smart.

Microspheres for penis enlargement

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Second, none of the various commercially advertised methods of penis enlargement, such as traction, increase girth and volume. Play it safe with one of your most valuable assets.

Third, correction (removal) of injected oils such as the type used in traditional Thai phalloplasty is a serious challenge and difficult problem.

It can be done … but there is significant risk of penile skin necrosis.

And the rescue requires much time and effort by an extremely well-qualified and highly experienced surgeon such as Dr Kim who has handled many such cases.

How serious is the problem? How risky?

After removal of injected oils, it is often necessary for the patient to return to the hospital almost daily for 30-45 days of post-operative care and observation by the surgeon.

Penis Death or Tumors

The tremendous amount of aftercare required to avoid necrosis of penile skin means cost of the corrections will be at least US$3600 and is more likely to cost as much as US$8400 — without any penile enhancements whatsoever. That is the cost of reversing bad enhancements and getting back to ground zero without losing your penis or parts of it.

Patients with foreskins who have had penis enlargement by injection of known or unknown oils or other substances, often find that eventually, about one or two years after the injections, their glans becomes hidden as a result of fibrotic tumors in the penis.

Regardless of whether the tumors are benign or malignant, when the affected skin is cut for corrections there will be uncontrollable bleeding and lack of tissue softness — like cancer.

Oil Boils When Heated

Because of the presence of the injected oils, medical tools like electronic scalpels and cauterizers become useless because they will cause the oil to boil.

Boiling oil destroys healthy tissue which is why, in the past, it was poured from castle walls on attacking enemies.

If an attempt is made to join burned tissue together it will not and cannot heal.

The only viable method of stopping the bleeding after making an incision into a penis injected with oil is manual compression for about 10 minutes.

A tourniquet would work but after releasing it the bleeding would resume again.

Closure is achieved gradually using the ancient Roman medical treatment method of applying honey.

Three or four days later when granulation occurs around the margins of the incisions, the surgeon can add more stitches, staples or high speed bonding agents (super glue | cyanoacrylate).

A possible alternative method is “wet soaking”.

Two Days of Bleeding Two Pints of Blood

After loss of 1-2 pints of blood over 1-2 days, the bleeding will stop, granulation will have begun and metal staples can be used to close wounds. Lost blood can be replaced by transfusion.

In these situations, local anesthesia is absolutely impossible. At least epidural anesthesia and probably general anesthesia is needed during 4-5 hours of surgery. The person would need to stay at least one night in hospital, maybe more.

Minimum advisable period of stay in Seoul, Korea would be at least two weeks.

The doctor's first question is usually about whether the injected oil was from a plant, animal, mineral or petrochemical. Perhaps surprisingly, petrochemical oil is easier to remove than fish oils.

Migration to Other Body Areas

The surgeon's second question is usually about whether the patient has any indication the oil has migrated to the scrotum, the pubic area, or as far as the area below the navel.

Of course, oil migration complicates the surgery and makes it longer.

Persons seeking a cost quotation for correction penis enhancement by oil injection should send a batch of good quality macro/zoom photographs:

  1. using flash photography;
  2. using a mirror;
  3. one photo showing the affected person in a sitting position so the scrotum is clearly visible; and/or
  4. other photos showing the patient in a standing position with penis elevated so the scrotum is clearly visible;
  5. photos from left, right, above and below showing the penis in flaccid state; and especially
  6. photos showing the erect penis from all four of those directions; and
  7. one clearly showing skin condition. (It is common for the penile skin to have severe fibrotic change after inflammatory reactions to the injected oil.)

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