Biomaterials Frequently Asked Questions 4

Why has Dr Kim stopped recommend PLGA scaffold surgery for with penile girth enhancement, stopped recommending MegaDerm surgery for glans enhancement, and stopped recommending any glans enhancement surgery?

The surgeon’s extensive experience with so many different materials, techniques and procedures for so many years, has contributed to his well-informed medical opinion about what works best and is in the BEST interests of the patient when all factors are considered.

His opinion is dynamic. It changes. His opinion has changed several times in only the past 2-3 years. He is not religious about any particular procedure or material. He is only fanatical about patient safety and good results. When something proves to be better, he changes.

Now Dr Kim definitely and emphatically advises against glans surgery and only recommends glans enlargement by HA.

He has found that nothing put into the glans to enlarge it is able to take the punishment of years of sex. It will last for only a limited period of time.

If you pound a piece of steel with a hammer a few times each day for a year, it will get flattened.

Anything put in your glans for enlargement will get flattened. For that reason the doctor recommends HA because no need for surgery and it costs the least.

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my appointment or do I just present myself to the doctor at the appointed day and time?

No deposit it required. The process is simple and easy.

STEP ONE: Reach an agreement about the time and date of the appointment. Propose the date you most prefer and Dr Kim do his best to give it to you.

STEP TWO: After confirmation of an appointment, notify us if you want airport pickup.

This complimentary VIP service airport pickup by the driver of the doctor is ONLY available from Incheon to patients who request it and will be getting treatments costing at least US$3000.

FULL arrival flight details plus the name and address of your accommodations in Seoul must be provided well in advance.

STEP THREE: We will then send you an information pack with maps, photos of our building, and all the contact information you will need to make your appointment.

STEP FOUR: Arrive at the clinic of Dr Kim at the appointed day and time for your examination, consultation and treatment.

STEP FIVE: Return to the clinic the next day for aftercare and examination by Dr Kim (or as agreed between you and the doctor during your treatment).

STEP SIX: Return to the clinic seven days after the first treatment if you are going to have a second treatment session during the same trip to Seoul.

STEP SEVEN: Rreturn to see the doctor for aftercare and examination on the following day and every day possible until you return home.

Can someone who has already had previous PMMA sessions get micronized allogenic dermal tissue? Or are they incompatible with each other?

Dr Kim must evaluate the result from the PMMA case-by-case. Generally, it is possible with no problem from the biologic origin scaffold and no interaction with the PMMA.

Can someone who has an Inflatable Penile Prosthesis come and get Megafill?

Yes, certainly. No problem.

I wrote to you using a fake email address and you answered that. What did I do to bother you and make you not answer me anymore? Ask too much questions? You like dumb patients, maybe? You haven't yet answered about health issues, and I already asked you 2-3 times. I am going to report this in a couple of online place. (I am sorry. When I asked those question and threatened you I was on the effect of weed and got paranoid.)

Lengthy, accurate, detailed responses that cover all important points take time to craft.

You submitted your questions at 10:45 pm on a Friday night.

We don't work on weekends.

Dr Kim does not answer questions late at night from home while with his family.

We appreciate your confession that you were under the influence when you submitted fake inquiries that diverted our time and efforts from genuine ones.

It was obvious that you had swallowed heaps of disinformation and fake news. But we got the impression that you really wanted to know the facts.

So we spent a lot of time to prepare a concise, coherent, comprehensive explanation to make a complex topic easier for you and anyone else to understand. We sent you our response as soon as it was finished.
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