Perineorrhaphy Surgery

Dr Kim performs perineoplasty as a single procedure under local anesthesia but often does it as part of a comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation solution.

Hymen Repair Surgery & Labiaplasty

The purpose of this non-routine procedure in the area between the vagina and the rectum is to tighten, loosen, reconnect or repair female anal, perineal and/or vaginal muscles.

This surgery can be considered elective if the only goal is to improve vaginal tightness for enhanced sexual satisfaction. In those cases, some surgeons recommend that the patient get a pre-operative psychiatric evaluation but Dr Kim does not require it.

More often the surgery is not primarily cosmetic and is medically indicated because of:

  • stretching
  • tearing
  • previous surgery (episiotomy)
  • pain
  • discomfort
  • stenosis
  • incontinence
  • scarring
  • rectal collapse
  • tissue adhesions, and
  • non-healing wounds (NHW) after childbirth.

General patient satisfaction with the surgical result tends to be in the range of 85-90%.