Micronized Allogenic Dermal Tissue FAQ 5

How long will the penis enlargement from MegaFill (MF) last?

MF is a government-approved biological filler used as a scaffold in a tissue engineering process.

The penis girth enhancement is from the creation of living, permanent, new tissue in the penis. The tissue can be expected to last a lifetime the same as other tissues in your body.

The permanently thicker penis is not because of the durability or permanence of the micronized allogenic dermal tissue. After six months the allogenic dermal collagen matrix no longer serves any purpose. It was only a means to an end, a scaffold.

Over the years, what has been the #1 problem with MF for penis enlargement?

The only problem with micronized allograft has been the forced migration of the scaffold by the patient — with no subsequent adjustment or correction by him.

Sex too soon after MF injections has the same effect as so many common, standard industrial processes that force large things (such as metal) through small holes: the material enters big but comes out smaller on the other side. It works on steel and it works on homologous scaffold in your penis.

It is similar to a tube of toothpaste: squeezing it forces the toothpaste away from the “tube”.

It is not certain, nor is it inevitable, that any MF will be squeezed down the shaft by sexual intercourse. But, if and when it happens, equal and opposite forceful massaging SOON afterwards can put it back where it belongs.

A homologous scaffold is not inclined to migrate on it's own without outside influence.

Some MF patients revert to their old habits after intercourse: no physical check of their penis and no visual inspection whether the MegaFill was moved by the activity.

If MegaFill has been displaced during sex but the owner of the penis just rolls over and goes to sleep, he can't complain nor can he be surprised about lost size. His negligence allows the micronized allograft to slowly and gradually migrate to behind the pubic bone. All of the homologous scaffold is still there but NOT in its original location which created the initial large, smooth, symmetrical penis Dr Kim gave the patient in Seoul.

What can I personally do during the recovery period to accelerate healing and get the maximum possible penis size gains from MegaFill injections?

Getting a good result is easy.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to heal and take it easy on your penis.

Like clay, for a period of time you can change the shape — so don't.

Frequently inspect the penile shape and MegaFill distribution.

Use common sense and logical thinking. Be intelligent, thoughtful, diligent, circumspect and think LONG-TERM.

DO NOT wear tight pants.

Megadoses of Vitamin C can be useful overall. You take it internally but it still benefits the skin and injection wounds.

Overall good nutrition is good for everything during recovery.

Excellent hydration is also tremendously beneficial, particularly drinking a lot of GREEN tea (not regular tea).

The BEST thing you can do is allow the result to become permanent before you get sexually active again.

When should I start massaging the biologic scaffold after penis enlargement?

It is likely you will not need to do anything.

IF any attention is needed, it will be directly proportional to something you did to your penis.

Massaging is only necessary if something MOVES the MF where it should not be.

Massaging is primarily for corrections.

Maintenance should be relatively passive until sexual intercourse begins.

Maintenance after having sex (at least inspections after sex) are absolutely mandatory for any guy who is sexually active during the six months of tissue creation but wants to keep his size gains.

Plenty of patients follow instructions, get a good result, and come back again and again and again for cumulative gains. Even blind patients have no trouble following the doctor's orders and properly maintaining their size gains.

Without maintenance, the size gains will only become permanent if the person has no sex and does not masturbate or do anything else for 180 days which would degrade, dismantle, and move the scaffold, such as sexual intercourse or masturbation.

I read about a guy who said the allogenic dermal collagen matrix was absorbed. Is that possible?

No. When a patient fails to correct MegaFill migration (which is caused by sexual activity, it doesn't happen on it's own), some guys then try to "spin" the lack of personal diligence and maintenance. He claims the micronized allograft is "gone" or "absorbed" or was "temporary". The reality? The person simply did not follow the doctor's training he personally provides to every penis enlargement patient at the clinic in Seoul.

A guy on my penis formum said MF injection made his penis swell up like a balloon for a week. Why did that happen?

He didn't tell you the whole story. Drinking ALCOHOL after biologic scaffold injections will cause tremendous, unnatural swelling.

A patient can get self-inflicted swelling under control by STOPPING alcohol intake IMMEDIATELY.

Minor swelling in the area of the foreskin is not serious and will disappear over time. It is edema — natural fluid collection in soft tissues. Ice wrapped in a plastic bag put on the glans and foreskin area will swiftly reduce swelling. And don't drink any alcohol.

What male enlargement pills DO work?


The medical opinion of Dr Kim about how to enlarge your penis is MegaFill injection — not pills, not creams, not weights, not surgery, not exercises.

The guy who told me about Megafil Korea also told me that he was misunderstood and Dr Kim injected a lot more ML than he asked for. How can you make sure that doesn't happen again?

Fake news.

Dr Kim has never "injected a lot more ml" than a patient asked for.

The doctor can absolutely "make sure that doesn't happen again" because it has NEVER HAPPENED.

Homologous scaffold material comes in tiny ampoules of only 7 ml. The doctor does not give any away free. It's too expensive.

Only the patient can decide how much volume increase he wants. The doctor only agrees, declines, advises.

Absolutely no treatments of any kind are done until after the patient has had an extensive face-to-face private consultation with Dr Kim and has signed an INFORMED CONSENT form because he UNDERSTANDS EVERYTHING and all questions have been satisfactorily answered by the surgeon.

Size increase is done in incremental steps. It doesn't happen in an instant.

A patient is always awake, coherent, sees everything, and converses with Dr Kim during the 30 minutes of treatment.

The slow, step-by-step size gain is physically obvious to the person getting it. Dr Kim speaks fluent English. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and comment the entire time they are in the clinic.

The patient is in control of the process at all times.

The patient can stop treatment and further enlargement at any moment.

The maximum any normal person can get during one injection session is only 35 ml, maybe 42 ml. For European and North American men with an average size penis, that is a moderate and reasonable amount commonly requested that gives noticeable size gain but is not extreme

The allogenic dermal collagen matrix is a solid material suspended in a mixture of various fluids (mostly water) to enable injection. The MF is less than half the total volume of the injections. Only the biologic scaffold results in a permanent increase in size.

Because of the fluids in the mixture, on the day of treatment and for the next 24 hours, the penis enlargement is DOUBLE the purchased penis enlargement.

That means every patient physically sees and personally experiences his penis at DOUBLE the volume of the micronized allograft purchased.

The patient can see and evaluate the effect on his penis of TWICE the purchased volume. He also gets to evaluate lesser volumes as the fluids are gradually absorbed by the body. He gets personal, real-world, physical evidence about how a larger size penis impacts on his foreskin and it's retraction. It is not theoretical. He doesn't need a good imagination. Because for a short period of time his penis enlargement is DOUBLE the target size.

Within a day or two, most of the fluids are absorbed, the penis tremendously reduces in size, and the actual gain purchased becomes more evident.

Men who want "a lot more" must wait another week. That means a week of visually and manually studying the result of the first enlargement session and a week of thinking about whether or not to return to the clinic and pay more money and get more enlargement as originally planned.

A man who wants more micronized allogenic dermal tissue a week after the first treatment must make a conscious, voluntary decision to physically transport himself from his Seoul hotel back to Dr Kim's clinic and up six floors.

Every man who goes back to the clinic after a week for additional gains knows exactly from personal experience the amount his penis is going to enlarge and the impact on his foreskin. Because his penis has already been double the volume of the MegaFill first injected. And in a second session the injected volume of MF is always less or equal to the first session.

With that physical evidence in front of him for a week and 168 hours to think about more enlargement, it is nonsensical for anyone to try to claim he got more biologic scaffold than he wanted. Because each person who wants more must go back to the clinic and ASK for more and PAY MORE.

Only the patient can decide how much penis enlargement he wants and can afford.

The formula for calculating cylinder volume is public information. Our video guide makes it super easy to KNOW EXACTLY IN ADVANCE how much bigger your penis will get when the volume is increased by any amount of MF or other filler. No mystery. No surprises. No misunderstandings.

And ONLY the patient can KEEP the volume increase in the penile shaft. A few men have destroyed their gains UNintentionally and accidentally through negligence. But a patient could also REDUCE penis enlargement by INTENTIONALLY moving homologous scaffold behind the pubic bone.

Patients have tremendous control over the result before, during and after treatment. They can maintain or change the result as desired for up to 60 days -- including reducing the size.

If a patient makes an error in judgement, there is wiggle room and time for him to fix it after returning home.

Is it possible to inject allogenic dermal collagen matrix into the lower part of the shaft? When erect, the distribution of the MF seems to be more concentrated on the middle / upper part of the shaft.

The proximal (part closest to the body) penile shaft is usually left empty of micronized allograft. Dr Kim normally does not fill that region from the beginning because it is a type of 'universal joint' which has great movability compared to the distal and middle part of penile shaft. If a patient wants that area enhanced, injections of MF can be repeated six months from the first injection.