TVH-BSO FtM Surgery

The advantages of a transvaginal hysterectomy (TVH) with simultaneous bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (BSO) are:

  1. no abdominal scarring
  2. minimal operating time, which means
  3. less time under anesthesia (if genereal anesthesia is used) and
  4. less time in the operating room with open wounds.
Trans-vaginal hysterectomy and simultaneous bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy

Removal of the uterus by means of a trans-vaginal hysterectomy and simultaneous removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries (sometimes called TVHBSO) costs US$3600 for cash payment.

TVH-BSO requires 2-3 hours of surgery and 1-2 nights in hospital.

Dr Kim advises a minimum of 1-2 weeks of post-operative care in Seoul.

He recommends the patient remains in his care for two weeks.

He encourages his patients to remain his responsibility and under his care in Seoul as long as possible.

This procedure is used for natal female non-trans women in cases of cancer in the area of the cervix or benign diseases.

A highly-experienced, highly educated, well-trained surgeon such as Dr Kim is essential to absolutely minimize risk of :

  • bladder injury
  • excessive bleeding.

Dr Kim reserves the right to require general anesthesia be used when his medical opinion is that it would be in the best interests of the patient.

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