Double Benefits

Surgical results and treatment results of penis enlargement techniques depend equally on the skill, knowledge, experience, education and training of the urologist surgeon as well as the material used for the enhancement.

Dr Kim Jin Hong FFT penis enlargement technique

Bad, dangerous, inadvisable materials used in surgery to enlarge the penis will give a bad result eventually, regardless of the doctor's expertise.

Good materials also do not guarantee a good result because it still depends on the skill of the doctor in using the penis enhancement material.

Fat is an excellent example. When skillfully used by a very experienced urological surgeon the result can be excellent, so much so that autologous (your own) fat transfer (transplantation) gives a better result than other materials. It is a proven penis enlargement technique that has been around for a century.

Liquid fat cells removed by liposuction, purified and injected to increase penis size has been done for about a decade but is often performed badly.

Survival of fat after re-engineering is also very unpredictable. The surgeon may do a good job and achieve excellent symmetry with nice gains in size. However, the result can erode and deteriorate over time — which is why Dr Kim offers free "touch-ups" during the six months after treatment.

When fat is an important factor but not dealt with when other procedures to increase penis size are performed, it can prevent evidence of size gains, such as gains from penis lengthening surgery by ligamentolysis.

Buried Penis Correction

Buried penis is best solved using penis lengthening surgery and fat management.

Liposuction or lipectomy should always be done at the same time as ligamentolysis. Lipectomy is surgical removal of fat from the abdomen of overweight people. Dr Kim says:

Many patients don't recognize that lengthening by ligamentolysis and correction of buried penis are quite different procedures.

Ligamentolysis is a simple procedure which can be done under local anesthesia, but buried penis correction needs epidural anesthesia, because its operation field is very wide.

Ligamentolysis to increase penis length is sometimes ineffective during flaccid status, when liposuction or lipectomy is not combined.

Liposuction or lipectomy should be done when getting lengthening regardless of whether the fat is going to be re-engineered for penis enlargement as in Free Fat Transfer (FFT).

The window (incision) for lipectomy also allows Dr Kim to do ligamentolysis simultaneously.

If a patient wants MegaDerm, Dr Kim discards the fat tissue. But if the patient chooses, the fat tissue can be used for penile size enhancements.

Lipectomy and ligamentolysis or any other cutting of the skin will cause some scars. Despite the lack of scarring, liposuction is not necessarily a better option.

It depends on the patient's body condition.

If the person is obese, I think using his body fat would be better than MegaDerm because of the thickness.

In some patients, the thickness of the fat is more than 5 mm, sometimes as thick as 1 cm (10 mm).

Although it gradually decreases in size (thickness) over time, it will stabilize in one month. After that the final effect will be greater than with MegaDerm.

Autologous dermal fat or a fat tissue graft is not so bad. It depends on the body constitution of the patient.

If the patient is obese, using his own tissue is much better than buying and using some other guy's tissue.

Autograft is always better than allograft.

But for a very thin or slender patient his graft would not survive. In that case, an allograft is better. But in the case of an obese patient, an autograft would be much better — always better.

We can do several things simultaneously: ligamentolysis, lipectomy and girth enhancement. The patient can save money because he doesn't need to buy an allograft.

  • FFT Size Enlargement: US$1800 (free additional FFT touch up within six months using remaining pre-harvested & cryopreserved fat)
  • pre-pubic Liposuction & FFT Penile Enlargement: US$2400 (same free touch up service)

This penis enlargement technique harvests fat from the patient's abdominal wall using tumescent liposuction under local anesthesia. Patients achieve two goals: INCREASED penis size and DECREASED stomach size.

Free fat transfer (FFT) penis widening surgery is also a good method for additional girth enhancement when getting MegaDerm (allograft) male penile enhancement.

Strategic placement of fat under the allograft to increase penile size avoids the traditional problems of FFT negatively affecting symmetry and shape. Fat placed under AlloDerm also survives better and longer.

An example of a customized solution for a person with "ample resources in the abdominal area" who wants that part of his anatomy re-engineered using Dr Kim's Abdominal-Genital Surgical Re-engineering Package to maximize penis length & size (Buried Penis Correction):

  1. liposuction;
  2. lipectomy and a "mini-tummy tuck" to solve buried penis syndrome and harvest plenty of suitable tissue to do a good;
  3. penile girth enhancement; and
  4. lengthening using an advanced variation of ligamentolysis;
  5. No MegaDerm and no glans enhancement;
  6. for a total package price of US$6000.

Some overweight men have fat layers as thick as 10 mm — 200-250% thicker than MegaDerm!

And your fat is better than MegaDerm. When used for penis enhancement, the gains can be greater and can be enjoyed for a much longer period of time. No need to pay extra money for some other guy's skin (MegaDerm).

Regardless of whether you have boatloads of money and do not care about the cost of MegaDerm and regardless of whether your fat is only the same thickness as MegaDerm — YOUR FAT IS STILL YOUR OWN AND BETTER.

Patients getting a comprehensive, customized abdominal-genital surgical solution are advised to stay in Seoul 10-14 days after surgery to get regular aftercare from Dr Kim.

Liposuction costs:

  • up to 1000 ml under local anesthesia — US$2400;
  • up to 1000 ml under epidural anesthesia — US$3000;
  • up to 1000 ml under general anesthesia — US$3400; and
  • over 1000 ml, add US$1000.